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Find the perfect bag in the Shoelace online shop

Welcome to our online shop – the place where you will find not only fantastic footwear but also fabulous bags! Are you a fashion enthusiast, or perhaps you want to have a practical accessory in your wardrobe? The extensive Shoelace collection will certainly cater to all your needs. Fashion is our passion, so we decided to open an online boutique where every woman can find their dream shoes or bag. We wanted to create a place full of inspiration, a source of knowledge about the latest trends from the world of fashion. With us, you can put together a look for any occasion! We only offer high-quality models made from excellent materials from trusted manufacturers. Be sure to check out the Shoelace online shop's assortment and see that it's worth staying here for a while!

What bags can you buy at the Shoelace online boutique?

We have lots of excellent bag options for you. We make every effort to ensure that our range meets all our customers' expectations. Shoelace models are fashionable, versatile, and practical all at once– what more could you want? Various bags have been divided into several intuitive categories so that every visitor knows exactly what is in the Shoelace boutique's assortment. You'll find models for every season and all kinds of occasions. You can also count on reasonable prices and attractive sales. Check out today:

  • Clutch Bags
  • Diamond-embellished bags
  • Metallic clutch bags
  • Bags with short handles
  • Bags with a golden ring
  • Glittery bags
  • Minimalist-style bags
  • Chain strap bags
  • Diamond-adorned bags
  • Patent leather bags
  • Faux suede bags

Clutch bags from the Shoelace online boutique

Elevate your style with our unique collection of clutch bags! At the Shoelace online shop, sophistication meets functionality and comfort. Discover how the right bag can be the perfect complement to your outfit. Each of our offered models is designed to make you look your best. Whether you're getting ready for a special event, a romantic evening with your significant other, or a lunch date with friends, a Shoelace bag will be the perfect companion! Take a closer look at these exceptional models that combine timeless elegance with modern aesthetics. You'll find them in colours like gold, silver, black, or blue – we aim to ensure that every customer finds their desired colour. From classic metallic envelope-shaped clutches to sparkling bags adorned with diamonds that catch the light with every move – our collection caters to various tastes. You're warmly invited to start your shopping spree!

Faux suede minimal style bags – find them at Shoelace

At Shoelace's online shop, we pay attention not only to quality but also to sustainable development! We opt for eco-friendly materials like faux suede. It's important to make conscious choices about what you buy – the assortment of our online boutique with footwear and accessories will certainly not disappoint you. Faux suede bags look truly luxurious, and their price won't weigh down your wallet – Shoelace products are accessible to everyone. Our brand's clutch bags have been crafted with precision, and the soft, velvety texture is incredibly pleasant to the touch. Treat yourself to a clutch bag in a classic black or a delicate powder pink – depending on your individual preferences. A suede-like clutch bag will be a wonderful addition to many outfits – for the office, an important event, or a date. Despite their compact size, such bags are exceptionally roomy, allowing you to carry your most essential items with you. Discover how to express yourself with Shoelace!

Unique glittered clutch bags by Shoelace

Step into the world of glamour with our enchanting collection of glittered clutch bags! In Shoelace's online shop, you'll find models that will make you feel like a star – and you'll shine just as brightly. These distinctive accessories are perfect for long, fun-filled evenings. Our clutches have been designed with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that your bag will serve you for at least several years! We focus on versatile and stylish designs, which is why the models available at Shoelace are characterized by timeless elegance. Glittered clutch bags look fantastic when paired with dresses, trousers, jumpsuits, and other wardrobe pieces. They combine the luxury of sparkling details with the functionality of a compact construction. Crafted with the highest precision, our bags are small works of art that capture and reflect light on every possible occasion. Draw attention to yourself wherever you go!

Minimalistic clutch bags - discover the power of simplicity

In simplicity, there is strength - you've probably heard this saying before. At Shoelace, we wholeheartedly agree! We believe that minimalism is a fantastic trend, one that we often embrace. That's why we offer our customers a rich collection of minimalist-style clutch bags. If you're a fan of subtle accents and unique details, the models from Shoelace's online boutique are the perfect choice. In our designs, we combine timeless elegance with a contemporary love for originality. Every detail has been carefully considered to achieve an extraordinary effect that delights - and all without unnecessary embellishments. Subtle lines, impeccable finishes, and simple forms come together to create bags that exude class and sensual charm. At Shoelace, we place great emphasis on functionality, so our clutch bags are practical - even for everyday use. Need to carry your essentials? No problem at all! Trust the experts who know what they're doing - it's time to shop at the best online shop for footwear and accessories.

Beautiful chain strap clutch bags from Shoelace's online shop

What would outfits be without accessories? A beautiful clutch bag can enhance any look, whether it's formal or casual. We highly recommend elegant chain strap models that are tasteful, striking, and durable all at once. We guarantee that the bags and footwear from Shoelace's online shop will delight you with their timeless designs and high quality. In our collection, you'll find stunning clutch bags with decorative elements: glitter, diamonds, rings, and more. They are absolutely gorgeous yet affordable - yes, it's possible! A hallmark of Shoelace's online shop is excellent craftsmanship - made from materials that are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring the bags look fantastic and don't lose their shine. Pair them with your favourite shirts, chiffon blouses, or dresses! Perhaps you'd like to give a gift to a loved one - your mom, grandma, or a friend? Bags from our brand are perfect for this role!

How to match clutch bags with clothes and shoes?

In Shoelace's online boutique, you'll find a variety of bags and shoes that can be paired with different elements of your wardrobe. We'd like to offer some tips on creating a unique outfit! Firstly, consider the occasion for which you need the clutch bag. Is it a formal event, a business meeting, or a casual gathering? Then, match the style of the bag to your outfit's style. For example, a classic, elegant style of clutch bag is better suited for a formal event, while a more creative, shiny model might be a great choice for an evening party. If you want the accessory to contrast or complement your look, choose a colour that matches other accents in your outfit, such as your shoes or jewellery. Make sure your clutch bag is the right size to fit essential items like your phone, keys, wallet, and cosmetics. Most importantly, feel confident and comfortable with your choice!

How to shop at Shoelace's online shop?

We've made sure that shopping at our online boutique is simple, enjoyable, and quick – we value your time and convenience. The homepage stands out with its simplicity, organisation, and intuitive layout, so navigating it should be straightforward. To start, select the products that you like the most (also check their composition and dimensions – we provide all the necessary information), then indicate the quantity and your size, and add them to your cart or wish list (using the heart icon). To place an order, provide us with the most important details (especially your address). You can also create an account at this stage to avoid having to fill in the form again in the future. Next, decide on the shipping method and payment method. In the "delivery" section, we've described in detail the delivery times and costs to Ireland, the UK, and Europe.

Additional benefits for future Shoelace boutique customers

If your order exceeds 50 euros, you won't have to pay for shipping – we'll cover all the costs. If the size turns out to be wrong, you can return the product within 14 days. Sign up for our newsletter to receive a 10 percent discount on your first purchase! You'll also stay up to date with new collections and all promotions, so you won't miss any opportunities. Especially for fashion enthusiasts like you, we've decided to be active on social media. Join us on Facebook and Instagram, where you can find many useful tips and get information about new arrivals, promotions, or special events. We also have a walk-in shop located at:

Unit 21, Athlone Town Centre
8-10 Mardyke Street
Athlone, Ireland

We are available by phone and happy to answer all your questions - don't hesitate to contact us if you encounter any issues!